My Christmas Favorites – You will never hear on the radio

Some of you who follow me know that I am a big fan of both the music and testimony of the Mullett Family. There is a simplicity and honesty about this video that makes me think a lot more about the real Jesus on the real Christmas than slick professional productions. I hope you are blessed with their rendition of the carol of all carols, “Silent Night.”

The second song in this play list may be a carol you have never heard, but it is hardly new. Most famously sung by Selah, it was written by Lowell Alexander in 1992. Though I have listened to this many times, I still shed a few tears each time I listen. I love singing this too, though I will not inflict my version of this stunningly beautiful melody and lyrics. I hope it touches you also and will draw you closer to Jesus.

I have a few more I can’t wait to share tomorrow, but I would love even more to know some little known artists or songs that have touched your heart over the years.

One thought on “My Christmas Favorites – You will never hear on the radio

  1. “Rose of Bethlehem” – the whole album – is my favorite Christmas CD of all time, I’ve lost count of how many I have bought as gifts. So many good songs and arrangements of old songs that are fresh and different, but not “augh!-they-ruined-that-song!” They’re such a talented, creative group.
    Have a blessed Christmas, Pete.

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