The Doctor is In

The prodigal’s return reunited him not only with his father but also with his brother. In the same way as we turn our hearts to seek God’s grace as a nation there will be a restoration of relationships both with God and each other. This cross always unites God’s people from every race, because weContinue reading “The Doctor is In”

The Best Question

Are you afraid to ask God for answers? Do you feel like church is the last place you would feel comfortable asking questions? But in the Bible people asked questions all the time. How many times should I forgive? Who is my neighbor? How can I inherit eternal life? These were questions that Jesus answeredContinue reading “The Best Question”

Time for Some R & R

Everywhere that Jesus went lives were transformed and very religious people – a lot like us were offended. Maybe what all of us are missing is a little R &R Repentance and Revival! Repentance is simply beginning to see ourselves as God sees us. Revival is loving others as He loves us! When Jesus heardContinue reading “Time for Some R & R”