Jesus Still Prays for You

In Luke’s gospel he shows us a scene at the Last Supper of the disciples using the moment while they are still eating to argue about who is the best and most important. Jesus then pulls Simon Peter aside to give him both a warning and a promise. He tells him to pray because Satan…

God’s Classroom

Not too long ago I broke a toe while stumbling through the house with my morning coffee. That tiny fracture made big changes in my routine for months. Oh how I complained especially over the loss of my morning walks. From a day with our family to just going to church.nothing was untouched. The small…

A Journey to Heaven

The journey of 1,000 miles may begin with one step but a journey to heaven begins with one word…the Word of God!

Loving Mercy

Mercy is easier to understand than it is to practice. Mercy is easier to receive than it is to give. But God challenges us to become a whole person who is capable of both experiencing His mercy and then carrying it to the world around us.

Where is Jesus?

Our local neighborhood nativity scene had the Christ child stolen from the manger right after Christmas. So I began to speculate as to who in the world would do such a thing and what would they do with baby Jesus. If it was a thief who would buy Him? If it was a believer how…