Singing With Seniors – reprise

We had a wonderful time Thursday morning singing. This is my special memory care group ( though some do remember my name). We talk about grandchildren, talk about old times, laugh and sing a lot. It is amazing how close we are and how much they are just like everyone else in many ways. NoContinue reading “Singing With Seniors – reprise”

How Nursing Home Volunteers can respond in the Corona Crisis

I was sick and you visited me…Matthew 25 Being in the grip of public health emergency it is important to know how we as volunteers can help. Our first order of business is not to panic. Our precious friends in long term care already are dealing with serious personal medical situations as well as depressionContinue reading “How Nursing Home Volunteers can respond in the Corona Crisis”

Nursing Home Prayer Request

The entry of the Corona virus into a nursing home in Washington state is a frightening development for which we need earnest prayers. As I was out singing this week at long term care facilities I paused to look at the faces. These precious but fragile brothers and sisters as well as the health careContinue reading “Nursing Home Prayer Request”