Standing Up For Jesus on Father’s day

Though this video was made specifically with Fathers in mind the story behind the hymn Stand Up for Jesus is amazing. The author’s friend had just that week been forced from his pastorate because of his sermon against slavery. While being out at a farm the following week he died as the result of aContinue reading “Standing Up For Jesus on Father’s day”

Hope Going Viral

I do hope that this Corona virus does not become a crisis here in the U.S. but no matter what happens we are all in this together. Maybe growing older has given me perspective so I have some hope and advice to share that these gray hairs have taught me. It’s time to stop panickingContinue reading “Hope Going Viral”

Winning Over Anxiety

I confess that in spite of my faith and many decades of experience that my biggest battle has been against anxiety. But I give thanks – though not at all for the stress – that during my lowest points I have put down my roots the deepest into my relationship with Jesus. I readily identifyContinue reading “Winning Over Anxiety”