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Peter asked Jesus, “What about him, Lord?”        John 21:21

As Jesus and Peter walked along the beach in conversation about God’s will, Peter turned around and saw his friend John following close behind. Maybe John just wanted to see if Jesus would talk with him also or maybe like a younger sibling he was simply eavesdropping! When Peter saw John suddenly the question came to him that often comes to us all: “What about him? Why won’t he have to experience the same things I do? “Lovingly Jesus turned Peter’s focus back to where it needed to be: “Follow Me!”


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He Couldn’t Stay on the Cross

After the crown of thorns

And after they beat our Lord

And after He cried “I thirst”

And a bitter cup was offered

After the nails were driven

And the thief cried, “Remember me!”

At the foot of the cross they gambled

While He gave His life on the tree


Then soldiers were sent to see

If their deadly job was done well

They came and pierced His sweet side

Through that wound His blood was spilled

Then a thunder cloud roared overhead

While they stood looking up at the cross

And Jesus hung quietly still

While His friends thought all was lost

But He couldn’t stay on the cross after darkness

Was the rule they required that day

So Joseph of Arimathea

Came to take Him away

He couldn’t stay on the cross after nightfall

While he waited for Easter’s bright dawn

And the mighty breath of the Spirit

And the angel who rolled back the stone!
Dearest friends: In honor of our Lord I post this simple poem as a remembrance of all He has done for each of us. Have a blessed Easter and may you pause to reflect deeply on Jesus who has become our life through His astonishing choice to give us His on the cross!

Good Friday Gifts

As an expression of gratitude this Good Friday I am offering free downloads of both Easter Reflections and its Portuguese edition Reflexões Sobre a Páscoa to my readers. May God bless you with a deeper understanding of the fellowship of His sufferings this day. There is no one like our Lord Jesus Christ!

that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, Philippians 3:10

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Como uma expressão de gratidão nesta sexta-feira santa eu estou oferecendo um download gratuito de Easter Reflections e sua edição portuguesa – Reflexões Sobre a Páscoa aos meus seguidores. Que Deus os abençoe com uma compreensão mais profunda da comunhão de Seus sofrimentos neste dia. Não há ninguém como nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo!

Quero conhecer Cristo, o poder da sua ressurreição e a participação em seus sofrimentos, tornando-me como ele em sua morte  Filipenses 3:10

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