Follow Me

Peter asked Jesus, “What about him, Lord?”        John 21:21 As Jesus and Peter walked along the beach in conversation about God’s will, Peter turned around and saw his friend John following close behind. Maybe John just wanted to see if Jesus would talk with him also or maybe like a younger sibling he was simplyContinue reading “Follow Me”

He Couldn’t Stay on the Cross

After the crown of thorns And after they beat our Lord And after He cried “I thirst” And a bitter cup was offered After the nails were driven And the thief cried, “Remember me!” At the foot of the cross they gambled While He gave His life on the tree Then soldiers were sent to see If theirContinue reading “He Couldn’t Stay on the Cross”

Good Friday Gifts

As an expression of gratitude this Good Friday I am offering free downloads of both Easter Reflections and its Portuguese edition Reflexões Sobre a Páscoa to my readers. May God bless you with a deeper understanding of the fellowship of His sufferings this day. There is no one like our Lord Jesus Christ! that I mayContinue reading “Good Friday Gifts”