Christmas Traditions

For so many Christmases that we have lost count, my wife begins the Christmas fudge and Almond Butter Crunch making, just as the left-over Thanksgiving Turkey is stored in the fridge. With 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, 4 nieces and nephews, two sons, four grandsons and many friends on her list the job gets bigger every year!


Every year,  at some point in the process, she throws up her hands and says, ” this is the last year!”.  Yet, each September, she begins again buying extra chocolate chips, almonds and Christmas tins. One brother (The airline pilot) ships back the empty Christmas tin by priority mail every January! It has become a special part of our family tradition that says, “This is a special time of year!” 

Tradition takes a well deserved bad rap when it takes the place of God in our lives, but there are traditions that can put God right at center stage. Many in our family, who would never come to church, are still quite delighted to open Nancy’s gifts. Her gifts are like the gifts of the wise men. These are her Christmas traditions that give honor year after year to the birth of Jesus. They are like the star the came and stood over the place where our Lord lay. People will see the star and follow it when they are truly looking to find Him. Our job is not to force them to come, but to share the aroma of Christ so they will long for Him!