Lavish Praise

Revelation 7:12 …Amen! Praise and Glory and Wisdom and Thanks and Honor and Power and Strength be to our God for ever and ever Amen!

The closer we draw to God’s throne in our worship, the more we will begin to see that everything belongs to Jesus. There are days when we see only a little of Jesus because we are giving him only a measured portion in our worship. We think of the time in His presence as being a large slice of our day, while the rest is reserved for us.  But when we give Jesus all, we will step into His almighty presence and begin to see more of who He really is and what He has done. Jesus is so amazing!
Mary may have never thought about the cost of the perfume in her alabaster jar as she poured it out, but Judas knew the price exactly, and thought it was too much. All our praise, all our life, all our strength, all our plans, all our rewards,and all our hopes are not enough to lavish on Him. When we come to Jesus we can decide to give him his portion or we can decide to give him all. We can measure out a bit of the alabaster jar’s perfume, or we can lavish all our praise on Him. Let’s pass from earth into heaven with nothing left in our alabaster jars. He is so worthy of it all!!

Beyond the veil…Worship without masks

John 4:23  The time is coming and already is when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth...

There were many times in Jesus’ ministry when he called out religious leaders as hypocrites. That word in the original language described someone who was like an actor. The actors of Jesus’ day would use a large mask to cover their face during the play. Not only would the mask make it impossible for people to know who they were, but it also meant they were pretending to be someone they were not! When we go into God’s presence in worship with a mask, we are pretending to be someone we know that we are not. This is not the truth…it is a lie! How can we worship the God of truth by pretending? Pretense is really a lie.  All the resources of heaven, the blood of Jesus, the light of His Word, the promises of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit become unusable to us when we are living in a make believe world. God is seeking worshipers who worship in truth. To enter in we must not only take off our masks, we must leave them behind forever. In the moment of truth when God’s light shines on our true face He will take away our fear and receive us into His arms. What a wonderful Father we worship. What a gift Jesus has given us through the the cross. It is the gift of being accepted as who we really are.