Arise God!

Now arise Lord God and come to your resting place… 2 Chronicles 6:41

When Solomon finished his prayer to dedicate the temple he called out for God to come. We are called to be God’s temple in life today. Don’t we also need a prayer of dedication? Can God come and find a place to rest in our lives? It will be worth everything to have him answer in the same way he answered Solomon’s prayer. First the fire came down and consumed the sacrifice that was prepared. That means God’s acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus for us! Next, God’s amazing presence entered into the temple with so much power that the priests had to stop everything and just worship God. Let’s be honest. When was the last time any of us had to stop everything we were doing and stand back in astonishment and Holy awe because God’s presence was so real? The greatest goal of our Christian life is suddenly reached when we find ourselves sitting at the feet of Jesus. True worship is when Jesus comes and we don’t ever want Him to leave. Chains are broken, lives are transformed and commitments are made that will change the future of nations. Arise God and enter into your rest in me!