Tad and Candle

Several years ago I wrote a series of children’s stories about a little lamb named Tad. Tad got into all kinds of trouble but through each story He learned to make friends, trust His shepherd and become a little more grown up. To the Tad stories which I developed for a class of young boys I have now added three more stories. These new stories are about Tad’s new friend Candle. Candle is a firefly and He has his own set of adventures, dangers and exciting rescues. The Complete Adventures of Tad and Rad is dedicated to our grandchildren and is now available in paperback on Amazon.com. You can follow the link or look it up yourself on Amazon. Be blessed and enjoy!

The Complete Adventures of Tad and Candle


Complete Adventures of Tad & Candle

I’ve began by weaving together stories for our children  when they were small. While there were a number of starts and stops along the way they culminated in a single tale about a lost lamb, named Tad. As the years have passed Tad’s adventures grew into a three part series and now that our “boys” are in their forties I have started a series for the grand-kids about “Candle” the firefly. In all there are six stories, each being a small adventure that focuses on a life lesson for little hearts such as, how to make friends, trust God or be brave.

If you would like to find out what Tad or Candle have been up to you may either follow the link provided or search on Amazon for it by title. Be blessedta-and-candle


The Complete Adventures of Tad and Candle

Candle – A New Children’s Story

Candle was a firefly who wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to shine. Follow this new series in the Adventures of Tad to find out how Candle learns to shine. Great story for 2nd- 6th grade. Available today in e-book format on Amazon

The Shy Firefly Named Candle

Follow the link or find the book directly on Amazon today,


Free Book this Saturday

The Adventures of Tad – A three part children’s story about a tiny lamb named Tad and His adventures with danger. Tad learns to trust his shepherd, make friends and be brave as he faces his most difficult choice.  For a limited time this will be available for free on Amazon beginning Saturday February 27.

The Adventures of Tad



The First Adventures of Tad

Who is Tad? That is the wrong question to start our adventure. We need to ask. .. What is a Tad? A Tad is something small…. very small; a little bigger than a smidgen, but not as big as an itty-bitty, Tad is our friend and sometime hero in the flock of Bill; who is a sheep rancher in the mountains of Pennsylvania rancher in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Tad


Now as a three part series for children (and some of us who read to them) is available on Amazon.com

The Adventures of Tad

Adventures of Tad Book 2

The Adventures of Tad Book 2

Just out today, Tad and Rad – The Adventures of Tad Book 2. Tad meets a new friend who is different – Meet Rad the black sheep and Tad’s best friend!. Follow Tad and Rad to see what they learn in this exciting new adventure filled with action and danger and hope.