Children’s Book

As Promised from a couple of weeks back, my new book All Creatures Most Small is now out. This is my first book that is exclusively children’s poetry and was appropriately illustrated by my young friend Emilia (9 years old). Watching both Emilia and my friend and graphic designer Robert Keller come onboard to illustrateContinue reading “Children’s Book”

Consider the Ant

Go to the ant O sluggard and consider her ways and be wise. Proverbs 6:6 ESV Take a look at the ant Jesus said to me But it was tough when He wouldn’t sit still He was working with all his might to build His tiny but growing ant hill And it was hard toContinue reading “Consider the Ant”

Easter Adventure

When Daniel goes to Jerusalem with his family he finds himself in the middle of a crowd shouting the praises of a young rabbi riding in to the city on a Donkey. Five days later he becomes trapped in a mob and separated from his family by soldiers who are marching three men out theContinue reading “Easter Adventure”