Places where I’ve Been

I have not been to Israel

To touch its Holy sites

Nor to the Sea of Galilee

Where You taught your disciples

But Your voice that calmed a storm

Has spoken in my mind

And Your hands that healed the sick

Have gently taken mine

And the Lord of all the earth

Has walked with me today

To forgive my sin

Renew my Hope

And give me Life

Teach me His Truth

So I could learn His Way

God Sees the Destination

For he views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens Job 28:24

We may sometimes leave on a road trip knowing our destination. We may have a picture of the place in our cell phone or even see where we are on the map, but God’s vantage point is much higher than ours. He sees the end from the beginning. He sees it because He is not only with us at the beginning of our journey but He is already waiting there at our destination. He sees exactly where we are along life’s road map and He alone can give us the perfect guidance through every moment…


Commit your way to the Lordtrust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5

Commit: To put into charge or trust (Entrust) Merriam-Webster

When I was born, my Great-grandmother put a small amount of money into a trust fund for me. It was mine, but I couldn’t use it until I turned eighteen. The money was no longer hers but she had established a control over when I would receive it. She had entrusted it to me…but not yet. Some of us when we pray and “commit” our way to the Lord are doing very much the same thing, however I do not think the Bible definition of the word commit matches Merriam-Webster. We say with our lips that our way is committed to the Lord but we still maintain control over it. We set up guidelines within which we will accept the directing of our paths. God’s idea of commitment is in fact quite different. In the New Testament Jesus called Peter and Andrew, one morning as they were washing their nets at the end of a long night of work. The account is very simple,

And Jesus said to them,“Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed him. Mark 1:17-18

Peter and Andrew left behind with the nets every other option they had in life. They did not put any limitation on the will of God. When we commit our way to the Lord we entirely release to Him the control over the path He has chosen. The key is the second part of the verse “And He will act” One thing we know for certain is that Peter and Andrew saw amazing acts of God in the lives: Waves stilled, bread multiplied, sick healed, dead raised and then their Lord crucified and risen!

What mighty things can you expect from God in your life if you truly commit your way to Him? You will never know the answer until you dare to trust Him, leave your nets and follow Him!




This is the Day

IMG_3976This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

When we look back through the Bible at the history of God’s dealing with man we see not just words and stories but a collection of days which all are leading us to today. here are just a few highlights which are something of like the Year of the Lord in review (Remember that a single day with Him is like a 1000 years!)

The first day God created man and breathed his own breathe into Him and created woman from man’s rib

The day Noah entered into the ark (And God shut the door)

The day Noah came out of the ark to begin a new world

The day the Lord called Abram and the day He fulfilled His promise and Isaac was born

The day Moses was called at the bush and the day the Red sea parted

The day God gave 10 commandments on the mountain and the day the Jordan opened

The day David defeated Goliath and the day the Temple was dedicated

The day Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego entered the furnace and the night Daniel slept with the lions

The day Mary met the angel Gabriel and the day Jesus was born

The day Jesus multiplied the bread and the day He walked on water

The day Jesus shone like the sun on the mountain and the day He washed His disciples’ feet

The day Jesus was crucified for our sins and the day He rose from the dead

The day Jesus appeared to Mary at the tomb and the day He breathed on the disciples giving the Holy Spirit

The day when Jesus was taken up to heaven and the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came like wind and fire

The day Paul was struck to the ground by the light and the day when John fell at Jesus feet on Patmos

All of these days were “the day the Lord has made”

If we have seen the sun rise this morning then today is again the day the Lord has made. How we value this day will be determined by the words we say and the things we do. The choices we make to give or to keep, to laugh or to cry,  to sacrifice for someone else or to demand our own way will one day matter more to us than we can ever imagine.  Today is again the day the Lord has made. What will we do with His gift of a brand new sunrise?


Day Six: 10 Questions for God To whom would we go?

…“Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life! John 6:68

Did you ever wonder why God sometimes tests our relationship? And just as we ask questions of God, there come times when He stops us in our tracks and asks something of us. (more of that in the next series) Most importantly, when we truly begin to ask God the hard questions, we are also asking ourselves. In the intimacy of that struggle to understand His heart, the simple asking often reveals more of the answers we so desperately need.


Where Could I Go? by Emmylou Harris

Where could I go, where could I go
Seeking a refuge for my soul
Needing a friend to help me in the end
Where could I go but to the Lord?

The difficult moments in life when that relationship is tested are painful but also can be turning points that define who we will be. Ruth chose Naomi and her God, while her sister went back. Elisha insisted in staying with his friend and mentor even though Elijah told him three times to leave. The Syro-Phoenician woman wouldn’t take no for an answer even though at first Jesus wouldn’t even speak with her.

Maybe today you are passing through one of those hard places with Jesus. Don’t turn back, don’t leave his side and don’t take no for an answer. Underneath the difficulty, the isolation, and even the sense of rejection are His everlasting arms!  IMG_4760