When Our Lord Leads the Way

When Our Lord Leads the Way

 In the Fall with the frost
 Flocks of birds Start to form
 Preparing to fly
 Before Winter’s storms
 Though the path of their flight
 Is unseen and unclear
 Their heavenly controller 
Plots their course every year
 And if those birds know 
Which direction to stay
 How much more we 
When our Lord leads the way

When Our Lord Leads the Way
by Peter Caligiuri Copyright 2021
All rights reserved

Even the stork in the heavens
    knows her times,
and the turtledove, swallow, and crane
    keep the time of their coming,
but my people know not
    the rules of the Lord. Jeremiah 8:7 ESV

7 thoughts on “When Our Lord Leads the Way

  1. I agree with Barb. Beautiful! Your poems often leave me wanting more, and that’s a good thing😃.
    Today’s offering made me think of my pastor’s email signature:

    “…had any other condition been better for you than the one you are, God would have put you there.” Charles H. Spurgeon

    A sweet friend of Jesus from one of my nursing home gigs used to say, “I’ve always felt like if Jesus wants me to have something He’ll take me to it.” This was a woman who had walked closely with God for over 75 years through many ups and downs.

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