Now that we’ve been in Florida for a while I look back and remember the worst part of Winter up North was not the snow and ice but the constant grey skies with a splash of chilly wind. In light of the grey skies and chilly wind we’ve all come through in 2020 I thought I’d begin with some gentle humor in verse with hopes it will brighten your day and shine a little light on the beginning of your 2021.


 Only ears can hear
 That’s just the way God made us
 If ears could see or hear
 They’d certainly betray us
 But when God fashioned ears
 Those humble awkward things
 That flop about and wiggle
 On little inner springs
 He made a way to tell us
 How much we’d been forgiven
 And then He set and tuned them
 To hear His words from heaven
 Oh - only ears can hear
 That’s just the way God made them
 Humble listening gifts
 That lead us to obey Him

Ears by Peter Caligiuri 
copyright 2018 All rights reserved
Photo by Mary Taylor on Pexels.com

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