When The Woodpecker Went to Work

The cardinals were singing 
While the hawk sat on his perch
All the pigeons were just sleeping in
When woodpecker went to work!

And his tapping kept reminding me
I still have a job to do
And just sitting round and dreaming
Is not what God has planned to do

For even though He gives us song
And to rest awhile is fine
He still has more for us in store
To do in Summertime

For there’s a garden we must plant
With rows to weed and tend
And water with our tears and prayers
Till His kingdom come again

When Woodpecker Went to work by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022 all rights reserved
Photo by Ashithosh U on Pexels.com

The Lord’s Prayer for Children

Our Father guards His little ones 
Before they rise to play
And in Heaven watches over 
All we do and say
Your kingdom come your will be done
In this world where we live
Give us please our daily bread
And Forgiveness as we forgive  
And when strong temptation strikes
Keep us from evil’s way
Now in Your glory and your power
Jesus be king today!

The Lord's Prayer for Children by Peter Caligiuri
copyright 2022 all rights reserved

Children’s Book

As Promised from a couple of weeks back, my new book All Creatures Most Small is now out. This is my first book that is exclusively children’s poetry and was appropriately illustrated by my young friend Emilia (9 years old). Watching both Emilia and my friend and graphic designer Robert Keller come onboard to illustrate and frame my poems was a huge blessing in my life. I am grateful to them for their enthusiasm and advice as well as the kind and encouraging words from both Emilia’s mom and grandmother.

Here is another little peek – Into what All Creatures Mostly Small is about

We were having a great time storytelling and singing around the campfire, late into the night at our church camp out for boys. The youngest of them felt like we were in the wilderness even though it was really just behind the house of one of our church members. When the time came for everybody to head for bed, it took a while to get the boys settled into their sleeping bags. While I lay there listening to the cicadas singing and the frogs chirping, a little voice whispered from the back of the tent, “We can’t sleep. It sounds scary!”

“Oh, don’t be afraid.” I told them. “That just sounds like God talking to me.” I answered back. “Oh!” The small voice whispered. Then just a few minutes later things got quiet and I could hear the gentle snoring of the boys telling me that yes, they had heard God speaking too. I am thankful for all the lessons both large and small that God has taught me with the voice of even His tiniest creatures. and I invite you in these poems to hear God talking to you too.

Here is the softcover edition which is available on Amazon today. This is also an e-book format for those who prefer tablets instead of physical books.