Sing a New Song

I have always loved listening to my wife sing. Though she has a beautiful voice of her own, her greatest talent is in the ability to sing a perfect harmony that makes both her voice and the other person’s sound amazing. Singing isn’t just a nice idea or something sweet to do with our children….

The Price of the Gospel

I am thankful that God has opened a new door this week in a memory care wing of a faculty we have been visiting for a while. For those of you who think this is a pointless exercise I would like to encourage you to get involved if you can. Alzheimer’s and dementia effect a…

Wonderful Merciful Savior

  And yet again another shooting in our nation. I cannot bear to read the news and hear more angry arguments on rights, laws or political solutions. My heart is aching for our people. Only God who holds both the hearts of kings and the lowly in His Almighty hands can help. I have always…

Living Hope – Everlasting Arms

  This week I am dedicating the devotional and song to our good friend Carl Carey who is now leaning in the Everlasting Arms of Jesus. Those of us who knew him are sad today but on the other side there is only singing! May God bless you as you listen and find for yourself…

Unpacking Boxes – Video

Here is my weekly video devotional. May you be blessed as you also unpack the boxes of your life.