His Light Shines All Night Through

Just twenty four short hours Are what we have today Fourteen hundred – forty Minutes To do and speak and pray Eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds To never come again The clock is ticking ticking And just memories remain The words we choose to speak Will echo-echo on And what we choose to do Is…

Caregiver Devotional Give-away

With this Covid-19 crisis now dragging on into mid-July the issues for those in Long Term care have changed from being a temporary adjustment to a near permanent situation. Visits through the window, masks and tearful good-byes are what is now accepted as the new normal. These emotional, physical and spiritual challenges on those who…

How Deep The Father’s Love

Some complain there are no hymns today that measure up against the classics of old, But I am loving the simplicity of this modern hymn by Stuart Townsend and the wonderful humble presentation by Lindsay of Sounds Like Reign. May you be blessed with a quiet and worshipful Lord’s day.

Crumbs From His Table

Whatever God’s gives is enough Every word from His lips we receive Any crumb from the Master’s own table Feeds five thousand of those who believe