An Outbreak of Prayer

No photograph can capture or express the power of prayer we have been experiencing in our meetings over the last month. In the face of hard trials and painful circumstances the body of Christ has rallied together to seek God. We have met in early morning hours and have stayed late through night vigils. AllContinue reading “An Outbreak of Prayer”

Missions in our Back Yard

Our Bhutanese friend is so proud of the sunflowers that surround their home. Our city is rapidly filling with refugee people coming to find a new life here. All our lives we have been told that the mission field begins just outside the doors of the church. How true it has become! But how can they call onContinue reading “Missions in our Back Yard”

Faces of India

Our Pastor recently returned from another missions trip to the northern border region of India. I was so privileged to go a few years ago but on this time around could only support in prayer. These children are in truth the greatest riches of India and greatly valued by God. When we go in the loveContinue reading “Faces of India”