Refusing to be called the son of Pharoh’s daughter…

Hebrews 11:24 It was by faith that Moses, when he grew up, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter

    At his fingertips Moses had access to almost unlimited money, power and prestige. He could have gone anywhere and done almost anything he wished, if only he would accept being a part of the family of Pharaoh. But in Moses’ heart a battle had been waged and his affections tested as to whom he truly belonged.
    At birth Moses had been ordered abandoned to die by decree of Pharaoh. Only by his true family’s courage and faith had he been hidden and then miraculously spared. God had different plans for Moses than the Pharaoh! Yet now as an adult Moses was at a crossroads. He had followed one path as a child, growing up in the luxury and comforts of the royal household. But in spite of all that surrounded him, Moses knew where he had come from and why. He knew from his mother, who had been called on to help to raise him, that he was no Egyptian. Though God had chosen him, Moses also had to choose God, and the rejection that came with being known as one of God’s people.
    Because of Moses’ faith, he left the land of Egypt and trusted that the rewards of God were of far greater value the the pleasures of Egypt. After Moses left Egypt it would be forty years before God met him at the burning bush. Maybe people began to forget about Moses. Friends, family, and all that had been a part of Moses’ life were left behind. In the land of Midian, Moses married and worked as a shepherd for his father-in-law. In that lonely place maybe even Moses began to forget his calling and purpose, but God never forgot! God put Moses in the wilderness till it was God’s time for him to begin the work for which God had prepared him.

    God knew exactly where to find Moses. God called him by name from the burning bush and now it was not Moses choosing God, but God choosing him! God’s eternal purpose and plan had never changed. Moses was precisely where he needed to be to hear the voice of God . “Take off your sandals for the place for you are standing on holy ground!”
    Wherever it is that God meets us is Holy Ground. God calls each of us by name. God has amazing plans for our lives, yet each of us must come to the same crossroads that Moses came to. Will we refuse to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? Will we be willing to accept rejection and the loss of privileges in order to be a part of God’s family? Will we risk everything for God? Maybe there is a difficult choice that lies in front of you today. Maybe there is a decision that no one else can make for you. Trust God. His way is filled with hope and His rewards are way beyond anything we could ever imagine. The love and acceptance that come from Him are the only things that matter when life is done. Choose to be His, He has already chosen to be yours!


Why will you come back to Jesus? Top Ten List!

Why will you come back to Jesus?

It seems so many find themselves wandering in a strange city far from home. But God in His goodness stands at the door calling each of us to come back. Here is my top ten list for
why we will hear the voice of Jesus and come back to him.

10, Only Jesus has the power to fix our problems/ Others only have the ability to point them out!

9. Only Jesus knows our hearts and still offers His friendship. Others are often only friends when they want something!

8. Only Jesus thinks we are important enough to listen to. Others ask how we are doing and leave before we say a word.

7. Jesus sees our fears and says “it’s me. don’t be afraid.” Others say, “It’s him, lets get out of here!”

6. Only Jesus understands our abilities and resources because they came from Him. Others only see us as someone else to be used.

5. Only Jesus is worthy. Others only think they are!

4. Only Jesus will forgive over and over, Others give us three strikes and we’re out!

3) Only Jesus really knows the way home. Others say you can’t get there from here!

2) Only Jesus can give us real life (That’s what eternal means!) Others tell us to get a life!

1) Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!