Seven Words – On a Friday Afternoon

Seven words our Savior spoke
As He was dying there
Three words of comfort gently said
Three more He asked in prayer
First He cried out “O I thirst!” 
But they gave him vinegar

Then, “Father forgive they do not know
What they have done to Me.”
Next to the dying thief He spoke
“In paradise you’ll be.”
And to John and Mary whispered
“My friend and faithful Mother
Remember that from this day on
To care for one another.”

“My God – My God O why have You
Forsaken Me this day?”
Echoed down from that dark hill
Now, “It’s finished!” they heard Him say
The Father’s will was done and then
“Into Your hands.” He sighed
And as the world looked on in wonder
Our Lord was crucified

Seven Words by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright © 2020
All rights reserved

Free Devotional for Good Friday

I am offering this year’s Easter devotional for free today. Seven Loaves of the Bread of Life may be written for 2021 but it’s messages about the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus are for every day of our lives.

We must never forget that Jesus came as Heaven’s bread to give His life for our salvation. Have a blessed Good Friday everyone!

Alone With God

But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. Matthew 6:6 ESV

Maybe the hardest part about real prayer is that no one knows about it except God. Jesus told us to be alone with God, but I hate to be alone. Didn’t God say, “It is not good for man to be alone.” But then God reminds me that Adam wasn’t lonely, and he wasn’t ever really alone. In fact, before he sinned, Adam was able to walk in the garden every day with God. But as God watched Adam sleeping, He decided that Adam needed another person to be with Him.  So that night, God performed the first surgery and He removed one of Adam’s ribs to form Eve as a helper who was made just for him.

Imagine Adam’s surprise in the morning when he woke up and there she was! Prayer that is alone with God is not lonely because in it we draw closer to God. He wants us to learn that we can be closer to Him than anyone else in the world. He wants to be our most intimate friend. Jesus tells us to spend time alone in our prayer closet so that when we open the door and step out, we can walk with Him all through the day. That special fellowship was made possible by another surgery that God performed. That surgery happened one Friday on the cross. There a Roman soldier thrust His spear into Jesus’ side, and blood and water poured down. In that moment God forgave our sins, then while Jesus slept, God began to fashion for Him a people who would be made just for Him and to be with Him forever.