Remembering Dad

Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. 
Deuteronomy 5:16 ESV

I was quite moved at the Memorial Day event held at our community clubhouse yesterday. Though I myself have not served in the armed forces, I gratefully recalled all that my dad did during WW2. Dad, as a second generation Italian, had his introduction to Italy when he landed there during the battle of Anzio in March of 1944. Then in August of that year he was wounded, when his landing craft was sunk off the coast of St. Raphael,France. Because I grew up without my dad, I never realized or appreciated all that he did and had gone through that year. To me, dad was just a quiet stranger who didn’t seem to understand the motivations and questions of my generation. Little did I know how much he did know and just how smart he really was.

Today , I sit in wonder as I come face to face with how much he and thousands of other guys did and how much I miss him. Thank God for you dad. I know that you have found peace and ultimate victory in the arms of Jesus Christ but I wanted to take this little space to honor you. You were a quiet soldier, a simple man and a faithful father and I am thankful that God gave you to me.

Though all the honor ultimately belongs to God, I am not only commanded to honor my parents, but God backs this command up with a blessing. And though our moms and dads were not perfect(who is?), we are each in some way blessed as we honor them. God promises a special blessing when we remember them with gratitude and then pass on their story to others. For me, one of those special blessings, was bringing my dad to Washington D.C. for the dedication of the WW2 memorial. I snapped his picture there and then years later, my cousin gave me another photo of him from when he was still in uniform. When I held it up I was suddenly struck by how similar they were. Here was the same man, with the same smile and yet a lifetime of wounds and struggles, defeats and victories separated them. Today I have only a few photographs and memories, but I am grateful for all the good that my dad left behind. God is faithful to keep all His promises. So, let’s pause for a moment and give honor to our parents, so that we may pass along to our own children a life’s story of our own that points to the honor of the most wonderful Father of all!


Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.” 
Mark 14:9 NIV

Memories have been on my mind as we traveled 1400 miles to visit the community where we were married 50 years ago. Driving back into the Ozarks after so long was bittersweet with a mixture of nostalgia and regrets. The beauty of gently rolling hills they call mountains, the remoteness and the simplicity surround a person. But roads have been moved, landmarks changed and the town was barely recognizable. Then I recalled that what was most precious of all was neither the beauty of nature nor the local culture but the kindness and joys of friends and neighbors. Just as Jesus said of Mary, “What she has done will be remembered and her story retold.” Then I was comforted in the arms of the one who holds my memories and my heart that nothing is lost in God’s story of our lives. He remains and His love is more faithful and unchanging than the changing landscape of our world. I hope you enjoy these photos of our anniversary journey

How Can We Protect Our Children?

This is such an important subject t and no one explains it better than Cindy so I will simply add only my hearty amen!

The world (and our children) are being brainwashed like never before. In an attempt to normalize homosexuality, TV and even commercials show men kissing men and other sinful behaviors. And it isn’t subtle! It’s right in your face! Libraries are bringing in drag queens to entertain little children. I’m amazed at how easily our culture […]

How Can We Protect Our Children?