Free Christmas Devotions

I am a great lover of devotional reading and for those of you who also enjoy a special daily Christmas devotional I am offering this all new 30 day reader  free 9/31-10/1 30 Days of Comfort and Joy You can follow this link or search for it on Be blessed! And she shall bringContinue reading “Free Christmas Devotions”

Eternal Returns

I got short changed at the farmers market. I lost my leys in the parking lot(I think). We went through the train museum at a run and I am still a little sore from surgery. What a great day! But if I had spent the day alone and come home with my keys my moneyContinue reading “Eternal Returns”

Learning to be Alone

Oh how I have always hated being alone! I sometimes got in trouble as a kid just so I could be included with everybody else who got caught. But in my Christian walk I have discovered something strange… Sometimes God wants me to be alone. He takes people out of my life. He cancels opportunitiesContinue reading “Learning to be Alone”