A Family Restored

Woe is Me and It’s all Mine 
Skipped to the park one day
While Jimmy-Gimme tagged along
To demand his right to play

And they all laughed how Sister Faith
Agreed to stay at home
To mop the floor and wash the plates
So, they left her there alone

First Jimmy climbed up on the swing 
“Gimme a push!” he cried.
But Me and Mine ignored Him and
Went whooshing down the slide  

Till strutted up I Know-it-All
With Big Bro Mockery
Along with Violence sliding in
Each smiling wickedly  

The sisters shook in dread but then
Sweet Faith rushed to the scene 
And without fear went toe to toe
And stood there in between

She looked into his eyes until 
Mockery slunk away
Soon followed by I Know-it-All
Yet Violence chose to stay
Then from a sheath he drew His blade
But Faith spoke quietly 
Your weapon will not work today
Our Father protects me

So Violence just shrugged and said
"I’ll be back." and off he paced
Then Little Jimmy ran and threw 
His arms ‘round sister’s waist

While Me and Mine each took Faith’s arms
With smiles that come from Heaven
To see their family all restored
With Faith all sins forgiven!

A Family Restored by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022
All rights reserved
Photo by Archie Binamira on Pexels.com

Softly With the Lambs – Poem

Go on ahead of me
I must lead softly on
The tender flock around me
Cannot run the whole day long

And if you climb to greater heights
We'll follow at a pace
That children and the lambs can walk
Just step by step in grace

Then together on that day
We'll meet you at the gate
For I must lead on softly
Until the break of day!

Softly With the Lambs by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022 all rights reserved

When The Woodpecker Went to Work

The cardinals were singing 
While the hawk sat on his perch
All the pigeons were just sleeping in
When woodpecker went to work!

And his tapping kept reminding me
I still have a job to do
And just sitting round and dreaming
Is not what God has planned to do

For even though He gives us song
And to rest awhile is fine
He still has more for us in store
To do in Summertime

For there’s a garden we must plant
With rows to weed and tend
And water with our tears and prayers
Till His kingdom come again

When Woodpecker Went to work by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022 all rights reserved
Photo by Ashithosh U on Pexels.com