Our Little Lizard Friend

Our little lizard friend 
Sits on our old chair
Soaking up the sunshine
Living rent free without care

On his sunroom throne He perches
Thinking He is in control
And believes that He is master
 Of all he sees below

How little does he realize
That we watch him all day long
Hoping he stays safe from birds
And the black snake in the lawn

And our friend is a reminder
That God watches us each day
Welcoming us into His home
To forever freely stay

The lizard you can take in your hands,
    yet it is in kings’ palaces.
Proverbs 30:28 ESV

Our Little Lizard Friend
by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright 2023 All rights reserved

Safely Home!

Some fellows hit those Home Runs
Some doubles or Sac-Fly's
But not so many can steal home
As to the plate they slide

Stealing home base is no cinch
Nor for the faint of heart
They must tag up before they try
To get their running start

And with us it is the same
If we want to move ahead
Before God will allow advance
We must go back instead

To tag up with who we've been
And where we have gone wrong
Only then by His own grace
Can we run safely home!

Safely Home by Peter Caligiuri
Copyright 2023
All rights reserved

Our Family Home School Project

My wife and I never homeschooled our children, but back in the day when they were growing up, things were quite different. Today, with four of our seven grandchildren being taught at home by their mom, we are really interested in following their progress, projects and activities. One subject which I got involved in with recently was, creating a series of reading lessons for our youngest grandson Wyatt, and it all started with an Ibis.

These feathered friends have always fascinated me, because despite their awkward gait, once they take wing, they seem magically transformed into one of the most graceful birds of all. So, one day I wrote a children’s poem about them, and one thing leading to another, I ended up writing an entire series of silly bird verses. Fast forwarding to this year and back to Wyatt, we have all been concerned about his struggle in learning to read. So, one day I decided to use my Ibis poem to make a fun reading and nature lesson for him. Our daughter-in-law, took one look at the lessons and said, “I’ wish you could write a whole book of these!”

Long story short, “All Creatures Mostly Small – Lessons for Wyatt” was born. I was inspired by Theodor Seuss Geisel who showed us in his Dr. Seuss books, that learning to read is much more than just avoiding dangling participles or split infinitives. It is about having fun! This collection of twenty-four lighthearted verses on birds and ants, and toes and noses offers a poetic fun approach to reading, both for children and for the childlike at heart. Each of these home-school reading lessons includes a short poem, a Bible verse, facts on nature and some questions. Along with the daily assignments are sprinkled suggestions for family activities and projects, such as a trip to the zoo, building a bird house and going to the park. My prayer is that you will enjoy discovering somewhere between the funny rhymes and the challenging projects, that better reading just happens along the way!

P.S. The eBook version will be available for free this coming Monday – Wednesday (May 22-24)