Abiding in Christ

Have you ever seen a branch deciding to become part of a tree? Or is a leaf staying up late at night worrying about whether they have picked the right twig to grow on? We laugh at the silly notion of these ideas but in the same way we miss out on what Jesus is…

Leaving Home

When Jesus first met his disciples he called them to leave their homes and businesses to follow Him. He also calls us and It helps to remember that Jesus never asked anyone to do anything that He had not willingly done first. It is hard for us to think of Him leaving heaven but it…

Friendship with God

Far better to be known to God and forgotten by people than to be famous with men and unheard of in Heaven. Choose your friends carefully because only one sticks closer than a brother.

Peace in the Valley

He walked the Hill to Golgotha so that He could be with us in the valley. The chastisement for our peace fell on Him so He could walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death!

No Smoking!

When I was a kid I remember how my parents laid down the law about the evils of smoking early and often. The only problem with their argument was that I knew there was a carton of Camels in the kitchen drawer which I began snitching on Saturdays when I was about 11. Those pesky…