The True World Cup

The true world cup only He could drink. His cup was as sharp and bitter as vinegar so that ours could be sweet in remembering the cross!

In the Eyes of God

You and I are precious in the eyes of God. Salvation is because He will not rest till our heart finds its home in Him!


When I was a teenager one of my friends wrote a song called “I don’t want to get adjusted to this world.” Though I cannot remember a word of the lyrics that title sticks in my memory. Too often we spend our time and energy rushing around hoping to be accepted by people. We are…

God’s Kingdom

God’s kingdom in our lives rules even and especially in the face of opposition difficulties or weakness. He loves to prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies. The love of Christ is most powerful and most clearly seen when faced with suffering and will carry us all the way to the…

He is not Here! He has Risen!

He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee, Luke 24:6 He couldn’t stay on the cross and the grave was only a resting place along His journey. Where He longs most to be- especially on Easter is on the throne of our hearts!