Friendship with God

Far better to be known to God and forgotten by people than to be famous with men and unheard of in Heaven. Choose your friends carefully because only one sticks closer than a brother.

Peace in the Valley

He walked the Hill to Golgotha so that He could be with us in the valley. The chastisement for our peace fell on Him so He could walk with us through the valley of the shadow of death!

No Smoking!

When I was a kid I remember how my parents laid down the law about the evils of smoking early and often. The only problem with their argument was that I knew there was a carton of Camels in the kitchen drawer which I began snitching on Saturdays when I was about 11. Those pesky…

Kingdom Thinking

In the middle of all the debating, fighting and even war over politics let’s pause and remember. The only difference between left wing dictators and the right wing guys were the identities of their victims. But we have peace with God because our king gave His life for ours and His kingdom is in Heaven!

Taking Advantage

Taking advantage of an opportunity sometimes goes down the wrong staircase. What begins as a bright possibility sometimes steps down to focusing on our own goals and forgetting people around us. From there sadly it is not such a giant leap to gently manipulating friends to get what we want. But Jesus, who had the…