Easter – Prayer and Praise

During the Covid lockdowns, we began a monthly meeting at Sunshine Christian Village which we called, “Prayer and Praise”. Though most of the restrictions have been lifted, the villagers as well as some of those in Assisted living have continued to come. This past Saturday was our last meeting before Easter, so we sang all the Easter songs we love, in including this one, which happens to be my favorite. I hope that you might enjoy listening and recalling that because Jesus rose on that very first Easter, we who put our faith in Him have the wonderful hope of eternal life!

I was delighted to meet with my friends at Sunshine Christian Village last Saturday. We get together once a month in their activity center for an hour of prayer, praise and fellowship. Our get-together might not seem very important compared to the impact of a Sunday meeting at church with more than a thousand people, […]

Getting Ready for Easter — Walking With Lambs

Easter Devotional

Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that 
the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. John 20:1

I know, some of you may be asking yourselves, “Easter already? Why in the world is he talking about it so soon?” But the reality is that Ash Wednesday is just two weeks away (February 22nd)! Though each of us may observe the season of Lent a little differently, most of us find that it is a great opportunity to refocus our heart on the basics of our relationship with Christ and remember again His last days as we look to the Cross, the Tomb and Resurrection morning. These daily readings are simple with each one connecting to a single verse and small story. Together they lead step-by-step to the miracle of Easter morning, and my prayer is that you will be touched and changed, and that the good news of the resurrection of Jesus will bring the hope of Christ to your heart. Since it sometimes helps to write down in our own words what God has done in our lives, at the end of this book is included a short journaling section. This gives a space where you can put down in your own handwriting, how God has worked the miracle of faith and the love for Jesus in your life. Your story can be both a reminder for yourself as well as a legacy you can share with those closest to you. For me, Easter is special because that is the day in 1972, when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I call it, “My Easter Miracle.” But my experience was only possible because Jesus suffered for me, He willingly gave His own life so that a selfish young man could be forgiven and saved. I had spent my time pursuing pleasures and running away from responsibilities, and yet Jesus came. He saw me and loved me so much that He died and then broke through the power of death to walk out of the grave on Easter morning. How grateful and amazed I am each time I remember His story again!

This year’s devotional book is broken into six sections, each of approximately one week. The link provided below is for the large print edition (eBook is also available). The regular print will be available in a couple of days. Here in our local community, we use this large print edition as a part of our nursing home outreach each Easter. The residents love seeing that it is specially for them in a print size that is easy to read. So, whether you choose to purchase a copy for yourself or not, please pray that our outreach will be effective in touching the lives of the residents who come to our services. They are looking for hope, and encouragement at one of the loneliest times of their lives. God bless you and let me know if you have any questions about either the book or our nursing home ministry.

Not Created to Be Efficient

We’re not created to be just efficient
God has angels who have mastered that task
They wing straight to earth to obey His commands
And with precision do all that He asks!

But at Bethlehem’s manger they breathlessly watched
As in wonder they worshipped the babe
Who in quite inefficient manner had come
And on hay in a manger was laid

His life was a puzzle as He grew to a man
He asked a stranger for water to drink
And He preached to the poor then He slept through a storm
In a boat that was ready to sink!

Then seeing Him stumble as He carried His cross
They gasped as nails pierced hands and feet
And they wondered to think that He spoke to the thief
Who confessed at the last and believed

Till on that third day and just before dawn
When the angel was sent at God’s call
To roll back the stone so that we could see
That Christ efficiently lives for us all!
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
 which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10 ESV