Heavenly Calling

Sometimes He is calling To quicken our pace As we press towards the goal Of our heavenly race Other days He just asks That we linger and rest And to walk by His side Through the shadow of death Then to us comes the hour In His almighty plan That we march into battle UnderneathContinue reading “Heavenly Calling”

Kissing the Colors Adieu

What we welcomed in our front door in April with a rush is now sliding quietly out the back door like a thief. I had forgotten till this morning how wonderful and comforting the leaves that dressed the trees. Thank you God for your gifts both and eternal! Let the rivers clap their hands; letContinue reading “Kissing the Colors Adieu”


The leaves are filled with yesterday As they face early frost Their veins are running red to brown Forgetting nights once soft But as one page turns another starts Their stories don’t end here The last lines tell us please stay tuned When snows close up the year Springtime’s hope is sealed in soil WhereContinue reading “Yesterday”