Connection by Hymn

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.” Luke 20:38 Hymns are songs that make a connection. Hymns can be sung by grandchildren as they hold  their Grandparent’s hands. I am connected to my father who is in now heaven when I hear the words  “When…

Quiet Sunday Worship

This song was sent to me this morning by one of the other men in our church. I have quietly listening and thought I would share this blessed quiet worship song.  

At My Table

I found this to be a fun and interesting song. I am a bit of a fan of JJ Heller and find her attitude as well as her songs to be honest and sweet. Be blessed today!

Palm Sunday Worship

The week between Palm Sunday is a unique time for us to pause and reflect. Almost half of the book of John focuses our attention on what Jesus did and said that week, from the supper in his honor on the eve of Palm Sunday to the Resurrection breakfast on the beach. Jesus is worthy…

His Symphony Divine

His Symphony Divine   Thank you for your gift of music Planted in me long ago Though I Unwilling received it It slowly chose to grow   Father showed me keys and rests Set the meters and the notes When my little mind was wishing For catching frogs and my toy boat   His lessons…