A New Journey Begins

God could give us silver or gold. He could make us famous, talented or politically powerful. But instead He gave us His word. Jesus was the Word made flesh and at His birth the Bible tells us that Mary treasured up all these things in her heart. Why not follow her example this year and invest in a journey to discover the treasures of God’s word?

If you have been blessed through the meditations here on this blog you may consider my newest collection for 2019. Be blessed and be true to Him whatever you do all through this New Year. He has promised never to leave us and for all the unseen roads ahead He has offers Himself as our Good Shepherd and guide. A New Journey is a full year of daily readings with a new verse for each day. A productive quiet time with Jesus is not just about how much of the Bible we read,, but how much of it we understand and are ready to put into practice. New Journey is available in both e-book and softcover format. You can either follow the link here or find it on Amazon, Have a blessed New Year!

A New Journey Begins



New Journey


A New Journey Begins

He is Knocking – Part Two

There is a New Year ahead with all kinds of new opportunities, challenge and trials looming on our horizons. In the last post we looked at the amazing hope that Jesus still comes to our doors, no matter how cold our hearts have grown.


Greeting Him at the door must be our choice and He waits for our kiss of greeting, our washing of His feet with repentance and our praise to anoint His head with oil.

The first half of the promise is that Jesus will come in, but let’s not forget that second half is His invitation to sit with Him at the table. Just like at the Last Supper He has prepared our plate. He has given us His body as our bread and His blood as our drink. His life  offers us food that will never leave us hungry and drink that will quench the deepest thirst. But what have we to offer Him? Remember that this is not dinner for one!

KIMG0853On the table before Him will we offer Him our will? When we put the needs and hurts of others ahead of ours we are preparing a banquet for our Lord. When our lips genuinely praise Him in the middle of our problems and weaknesses we are trusting our spirit into His hands as He trusted His into the Father’s on the cross. No we could never set before Jesus anything so fine and perfect as He has given us. But that is not what He requires. He knew what kind of house we lived in and what was in our cupboards even before He knocked. Jesus chose to come to us to share in what we had to give Him and He still eagerly chooses to eat with sinners. What a hope we have. What a meek and mighty Savior we serve!


He Is Knocking – Part 1

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:19-20 KJV

This verse wasn’t written just for folks who had gold stars on their Sunday school papers. In fact this is the church who Jesus just got done telling that he was ready to spit them out because they were like lukewarm water! But at the end of His rebuke  Jesus reminds me of my Dad telling me He only was spanking me because he loved me. Here is the first of two messages of hope for those of us who have been lovingly spanked.

The wonderful news is that He is standing right outside  our door not only today but every day. Whether we have been as pure as the Virgin Mary or as sinful as the woman caught in the act of adultery; Jesus stands outside waiting for our response to His knock. Why not fling open the door every morning and invite Him in? How does that work? Let’s imagine being inside the door of a home in the days of the apostles.

First Jesus says that if we will open the door He will come in and sit down with us at our table.  In that time the first thing to do for a guest would be to kiss Him on the cheek in greeting. My father from the old school Italian tradition often kissed me like that and as a teenager it was way more than I wanted! His kiss told me that He was delighted to call me his son and that anything I needed he was prepared to give. My father was always more generous with me than I deserved.

Next a guest upon entering the home would be provided a basin of  water and a servant who came to wash his feet. Our humble repentance  of  everything  displeasing to him is both our loving duty and our privilege. Once we open the door He willingly comes in and allows us to wash His feet which are clean then remember that He has chosen to wash our feet that are dirty. Last the host put a few drops of olive oil on his palms to wipe the guest’s hair clean from the  dust of the road. The oil that we can give Him at the doorway  is our joyful and grateful praise that He has  come. He is at every one of our doorways this morning knocking. The sooner we run to fling open the door. The sooner the Lord will come in.  Why wait even one more moment?1546260575853_image.jpg