The Grandfather I Never Knew

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. Proverbs 17:6 ESV

The fading photograph of he and my grandmother sits on our bookshelf, and the shadow of his hat covering his eyes makes me wonder what color they were. Though our youngest son is named after him, the life he once lived is as mysterious to me as the lost continent of Atlantis. All I know is that at the ripe old age of 16, he boarded a steamer in Naples and arrived in New York to begin a new life with the help of three brothers who had come before.

All that remains behind is a 100-year-old barber kit that sits on the dresser in our guest bedroom and an antique barber chair that a local shop bought from my cousin. I never heard his voice or knew what his favorite food was. He never took me for ice-cream or walked with me to a park. But my grampa missed these things, not because he was a bad guy, rather as a result of my parent’s less than amicable divorce and his passing away just two years after I was born.

This morning as I was thinking about all I missed from never knowing my grandparents, I remembered our grandchildren. The Bible says that God has given them to us as a crown. and a crown should be on our head, just as grandchildren should always on our mind. When we give them our time, watching a movie together or playing with them in the back yard, we are giving them the memory of the sound of our laugh, the touch of our hand and the color of our eyes. As we share in every little moment – yes, even the hard ones, they will want to know why we pray with them as we put them to bed. They will remember the songs we sing as they sit by us in church and every hug when we can no longer be there to hold them. Though we may not leave them trust accounts brimming with cash, if they receive our faith then they have received our greatest treasure. Grandchildren are given us as a crown, so while we have breath let’s not be the grandparents they never knew. Instead, may our lives remind them, when they are in the middle of their own storms, to trust in Jesus and find that He is the one who has known them and loved them from the beginning of time!

Teaching Your Children and Grandchildren to Trust God

God presents many opportunities for teaching our children and grandchildren. If we listen, He will let us know when to share. When He gives you the opportunity, don’t waste it, Take It! Continue Reading . . .

Teaching Your Children and Grandchildren to Trust God

For my fellow Grampa’s or Gramma’s out there this is a great read and a needed poke in the ribs to focus on the importance of praying with our grandkiddos. Sure it’s easier to buy them ice cream or another gift, but the value of a memory of praying with you is an eternal treasure!

Waiting on God

Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord. Psalm 31:24 ESV

All throughout the Bible God promises to answer prayer, but don’t you sometimes just wish that He would do it right now? Today, I am still desperately praying for a grandson who is not only lost in sin but who is choosing to no longer speak with us. But as I brought my request rather angrily this morning to God, He reminded me that having faith means I must trust He is listening and that He is working in ways I may never understand to answer because He is good.

Waiting on God is not just waiting around till He does something. For example, on July 4th, 1776, 56 people including, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Washington signed the Declaration of Independence, but just signing a piece of paper was not enough to make the United States a free and sovereign land. That accomplishment did not come about until, September 3, 1783 – seven long years later. In between the Declaration and true independence, we passed through a waiting period called The Revolutionary War.

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The same is true when we wait on the Lord. Our declaration of independence from sin was signed in blood on the cross of Calvary. But the whole of our Christian life is a series of Revolutionary Wars as by God’s help we win the battles one by one. Maybe you have been praying for years over a broken relationship, salvation for a loved one or a longing to serve God in a greater way. Don’t give up, stand down or walk away from God in anger. He is working on us just as much as He is working on our prayers. He is calling us to be strong and courageous, because waiting on God is more than just waiting around and is not for the faint of heart. There is a war going on and God is calling us to the battlefield of prayer trusting that He knows what He is doing, and that victory is already ours in Jesus Christ our Savior and our great Commander in Chief!