Trees Walking

Mark 8:24 And he looked up and said, ” I see people but they look like trees walking.” This man could begin to see once Jesus Christ prayed but he didn’t really know what he was looking at. We can’t know if what he lacked was focus, depth perception or if he was simply confused….

Swan Reflections

Grace and power at rest. Yes I can fly half a mile high but today I can float silently on my own little pond.

The Promises of God

For all the promises of God find their yes in Him. That is why it is through Him that we utter our amen to God for His glory. 2 Corinthians 1:20 Centuries have passed and undefeated armies have been laid in their graves. Kings and tyrants have written their names on cities and empires whose…

I Wake in the Morning Early

Earlier this year I shared a Rose Fyleman poem that I had set to music for a lullaby to our small children to which I added two verses and a chorus. I was so happy and surprised to see the number of people who seemed to enjoy this children’s song. Besides the U.S. and Canada,we…

My Song of Life

  One prayer that I have That I ask Jesus for Is that He will help me to sing As I face every storm That when waves wind and fear Try to drown my small boat That my voice will be strong And my heart stays on note     That my ears will be…