What me Worry?

Worry is something just about everyone on the planet does; but why? “Don’t worry, be happy.” is pretty snappy but on the face of real life stuff its about as useful as a screen door in a submarine. Rather than spending time researching why not invest some time looking at what God has to say?Continue reading “What me Worry?”

Living Hope – Everlasting Arms

  This week I am dedicating the devotional and song to our good friend Carl Carey who is now leaning in the Everlasting Arms of Jesus. Those of us who knew him are sad today but on the other side there is only singing! May God bless you as you listen and find for yourselfContinue reading “Living Hope – Everlasting Arms”

The Garden of the King

It is finally really summer and my Tiger Lilies and Shrub Roses are busy giving God glory with their soundless shouts of praise. They do not worry who has been planted near them or what could happen to them tomorrow. They are simply delighted with each day given. I believe that it is because somewhereContinue reading “The Garden of the King”