Amazing Grace – Don’t Wait for God to Harpoon You!

There are various stories about the early life of John Newton. While some of the details remain sketchy, the truth behind the details led him to write words that still resonate in hearts today. It is said that when John was a young man, he fell overboard and was brought back onto the ship only after being harpooned and dragged up on deck. I am not sure whether the harpoon was all they had to throw or how he was wounded, but the scar left behind was something he carried all his life. But we don’t have to wait for God to harpoon us to come back to Him. In fact, Jesus simply invites us to come. Our problem is sometimes we are so busy thrashing about in the waves that we can’t hear His voice. For some of us that may mean God has to allow us to be wounded to get our attention and to bring us safely into the ship. Here is His invitation –

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 NIV

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Time To Come Home

We went with her along the path 
Through turns and twists and more
Till angels took her by the hand
As we walked out on the shore

They led her to a waiting ship
Then she smiled and turned to say
“Don’t weep for me I hear His call
- Time to come home today!”

Time to Come Home
by Peter Caligiuri
copyright 2021 all rights reserved

In memory of my wife’s sister Diane who we laid to rest yesterday after a year long battle with Interstitial lung disease. Over the last year Nancy spent 5 months caring for her. We flew out to California on Monday and it has been a long week for us both. Thanks for the prayers of those who follow this blog. This little verse puts in words a tiny piece of the comfort that God has given us right now. I pray it may touch someone else dealing with a season of grief.

The Pity Party

I planned a pity party at my little house today
I designed the invitations and I sent them on their way
First on the list was neighbor Rick and his wife and children too
But he shook his head and said "No thanks." I have so much to do

So then I called my sister
In hopes that she could come
But her voice mail came and told me
To just speak after the tone
Next I thought of pastor so I drove down to the church
But he was visiting the sick - at the Savior's work

So I went into my room alone and sulked before the Lord
"Does anybody care?" I asked
Then I heard His gentle word
"On the day that I was crucified
My closest friends all fled
And at Pilate's word was beaten
 And with thorns they crowned my head.
Between two thieves that day I died
Yet in faith one asked of me
To remember him in heaven
So I took him there you see

So in your struggle down life's road 
When you're feeling quite alone
Help someone with a heavy load
Bring them before My throne

That’s where you’ll see your Father’s face
For His goodness there is found 
 And you'll receive amazing grace
And His joy to carry home!

Pity Party by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2019 all rights reserved