Eyes Were Made to See

Our Eyes were made to see
Since the moment of creation
Discovering dust specks in a sunbeam
Watching pollywogs in motion 

Each sunrise with its colors
Each wave top as it breaks
And the smiles on lips of mothers
And the raindrops on the lakes

He gave us light and focus
And His word to show us how
That our great unseen Creator
Is walking with us now

Eyes Were Made to See by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved



Eyes Were Made to See by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved


The Wondrous Nose

On the day of our creation

God made the wondrous nose

So we could smell what Mom was cooking

And we could sniff the fragrant rose


When we’re sick it’s always running

When we’re happy then it glows

And it twinkles when were laughing

And turns up at smelly toes!

But the best thing that it tells us

And of everything it knows

Is the air is always sweetest

In the garden where Christ rose!

Wondrous Nose by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved





Never Alone!

My featured image today of a  car in our neighborhood stands as a stark reminder of how separated and isolated many of us are. One of the things that has helped us through this time of isolation has been a Christian film production called The Chosen. While this post is not meant as a review of that series I have found particular comfort from the verse from Isaiah which is featured in the first episode because if talks about an issue that I battle with called fear. The story in that episode imagines the life of Mary Magdalene before she met Jesus. It helps us realize that just as Jesus knew about Mary’s s inner struggles, God also knows us as we really are deep below the surface of what others see. He doesn’t deny our doubts and weaknesses but instead He invites us to find in Him the answer.

Have you noticed lately that on every television channel are commercials, public service announcements and personal messages telling us that we don’t need to be afraid because we are all in this together? While I confess that I love these and they encourage me but their message is only partially true. Sure there are folks doing wonderful things every day to help people; but there are also still drug overdoses, violent crimes and even sadly a growing number of Corona virus money scams. If we are looking for real courage that is more than bravado we need a source higher than ourselves, our neighbors, family or doctors. We need the unfailing love of Jesus Christ. When we struggle with our fear of death, God reminds us that it was He who gave us life. When we face our deepest failures and sins Jesus shows us His hands and says, “I have redeemed you.” When no one knocks on our door and we are alone Jesus calls us by name. And because He has called us His own we can refuse every fear. We can belong to an eternal God and He is offering right now to make us a part of His family. When we simply turn around and answer His call then truly and forever we will never be alone!


By the way here is the link for episode One if you would like to begin to see this wonderful series.