Eyes Were Made to See

Our Eyes were made to seeSince the moment of creationDiscovering dust specks in a sunbeamWatching pollywogs in motion  Each sunrise with its colorsEach wave top as it breaksAnd the smiles on lips of mothersAnd the raindrops on the lakes He gave us light and focusAnd His word to show us howThat our great unseen CreatorIsContinue reading “Eyes Were Made to See”

The Wondrous Nose

On the day of our creation God made the wondrous nose So we could smell what Mom was cooking And we could sniff the fragrant rose   When we’re sick it’s always running When we’re happy then it glows And it twinkles when were laughing And turns up at smelly toes! But the best thingContinue reading “The Wondrous Nose”

Never Alone!

My featured image today of a  car in our neighborhood stands as a stark reminder of how separated and isolated many of us are. One of the things that has helped us through this time of isolation has been a Christian film production called The Chosen. While this post is not meant as a reviewContinue reading “Never Alone!”