Our Heart Has Found its Rest in Him!

    Until we find our rest in God we will never really fully worship Him. When Jesus called out in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” he wasn’t telling us we had to come and work!
    Worship and work are at complete opposite ends of the experience that God has for us. God’s original plan was for six days of work then a day of rest. God rested when He finished His work and then He gave that day a special blessing.

    As long as we are working, trying to earn our way to acceptance we will not at all be able to understand and experience God’s rest. There is a calm that comes after Jesus has quieted our storm. All around us our own ideas, desires and demands are rising up like a tidal wave that are continually working to sink our boat. Jesus is still with us but when we are working as hard as we can, we are bound by fear. It is as if we forget who told us to start this journey to begin with! If we could just try a little harder, row a little faster, bale the water out a it more efficiently, then we think we would get where we were supposed to be going. But Jesus and all His power is sleeping in our boat, unasked and unnoticed!

    How God’s heart longs and waits for us to come and cry out to him, in faith, not fear. He is ready to show himself. Jesus has neither forgotten us nor our storms, yet we feel as if we are alone, He will not come until we ask. He cannot calm the storm and give us rest unless we give up and give it all to Him.
    We have such a hard time because it seems like we just have to do something. But resting is not doing nothing, it is a choice in which we say, “God I trust you completely, come and be Lord here and now in my life.” Then He comes. He commands the storm and there is a great calm! Then we see Jesus alive and in control again. Then we worship because our heart has found its rest in Him!