Update from village in Nepal

Here is a report from some Brazilian missionaries we work with in Nepal with their Photos  Supplying Seeds Ministry has been going to Nepal and working with several missionaries over the last 12 years To find out how to help email us at Contacts@supplyingseeds.com Translation: “Brothers and friends, I have just received news from Nepal. Pastor LucasContinue reading “Update from village in Nepal”

Wnep Channel 16 at New Covenant Fellowship Church for Nepal fundraiser

Those who have been following my updates from our friends in Nepal will be gratified to know we were able to have the local news station come in last night and report on our fund-raising efforts to send money to Nepal today. At the mission we are working with there are over 300 girls sleeping outdoorsContinue reading “Wnep Channel 16 at New Covenant Fellowship Church for Nepal fundraiser”