Update from village in Nepal

Here is a report from some Brazilian missionaries we work with in Nepal with their Photos  Supplying Seeds Ministry has been going to Nepal and working with several missionaries over the last 12 years To find out how to help email us at Contacts@supplyingseeds.com Pastor Lucas in NepalMore destruction in NepalPastor Lucas in mountain village

Translation: “Brothers and friends, I have just received news from Nepal. Pastor Lucas went today to one of the villages where we help the pastors to see how they were. The houses are all completely destroyed. The only thing standing is the church we built with the help of our brothers in Brazil and America, and it is serving as a shelter. The building will need to be repaired but the greatest need today is for food, water and medicine. He (Lucas) has been heavily impacted by what he has seen and feels the pain of our brothers. “How can we help some but not others? No we need to help them all!” Lucas said. This is just one of the villages and there are several others. In one of those which he went through the strong terrble smell of the dead bodies was everywhere. Lucas thought that he would set up a big tent to give shelter, food and water and medicine. Brothers Pray for Nepal. Pray for us and let’s all give.”   Sheyla Mortosa Barbosa

Original text: 

“Irmaos e amigos, acabei de receber noticias do Nepal. O Lucas hoje foi em uma das vilas onde apoiamos pastores, foi ver como eles estavam. As casas estao destruidas, somente esta em pe a igreja que construimos com o apoio de irmaos do Brasil e America, a qual esta servindo de abrigo.

As construcoes terao que ser reerguidas, mas a necessidade maior hoje e comida, agua, remedios.

Ele esta bem impactado com tudo que viu, sentindo a dor dos nossos irmaos. “Como vamos ajudar uns e os outros nao? Temos que ajudar todos!” Fala do Lucas.” Sheyla Mortosa Barbosa

Esta e so uma das vilas, tem varias ainda.

Em uma delas que ele passou o mal cheiro estava muito forte, por causa dos corpos das pessoas que morreram.

O Lucas pensou em armar uma grande tenda e suprir os desabrigados com comida, agua e remedio.

Irmaos orem por Nepal, orem por nos, e vamos contribuir.

Wnep Channel 16 at New Covenant Fellowship Church for Nepal fundraiser

Those who have been following my updates from our friends in Nepal will be gratified to know we were able to have the local news station come in last night and report on our fund-raising efforts to send money to Nepal today. At the mission we are working with there are over 300 girls sleeping outdoors and in desperate need of food, water and blankets. The roads are impassable in and out of Kathmandu to heavy truck traffic and rail. The supplies are available through local stores and farmers who can bring in things from the surrounding countryside Nepali style.

Please pray for The Apples of God’s Eyes ministry and the leadership under Pastors Silvio and Rose Silva and the girls and boys in their care.

Here is an excerpt from the Newswatch 16 article

“Every month we send support to them and because of the earthquake they have there now, we have to raise funds to help them,” explained the pastor, Dr. Joliam Sampaio.Meninas after earthquake

Sampaio was in Kathmandu just last month and has visited Nepal 10 times in the last decade for missionary work and other help. Now, he says their support will need to be ramped up.

Money raised from selling tablecloths which were made in Nepal will go right back to helping those affected overseas.

“That’s the only thing that’s going to get in is money,” said Peter Caligiuri, assistant pastor. “We can’t ship supplies. We can’t ship blankets. We can’t ship clothing, not right now.”

There will be a food festival at the New Covenant Fellowship Church in Taylor on May 2 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. where you can buy those tablecloths from Nepal to help earthquake victims”


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James 2:15-16  Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?