Blow the Trumpets

Psalm 150: Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet…

In Bible days their trumpets were actually rams horns made into instruments to be used by God’s priests.Specially chosen priests blew trumpets during the reading of the certain Psalms. Priests blew their trumpets before Jericho’s walls fell down. Trumpets blew when the priests called the people to a meeting. The prophets were told to warn the people about sin by blowing a trumpet.
A trumpet of praise, a trumpet of meeting, a trumpet of battle and a trumpet of warning. God linked all these with the sound that one day every man, woman and child will hear at the return of Jesus Christ. In the New testament Paul tells us about a day when…
The Lord Himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the arch angel and with the trumpet call of God. 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Imagine the sound when not a priest, or even an angel with blow the trumpet. The day is coming when God takes Heaven’s trumpet off the shelf, puts it to His lips and blows the last trumpet sound. The clouds themselves will tear apart, then Jesus will come down and we will be caught up to meet Him.There will be no second verse, no chance to turn things around or to even fall to our knees. The song will be played out to its end in less time than we take to blink our eyes. God’s final chapter will be ended and at the sound of the trumpet call we will go to meet Him and we will be with Him forever. All our battles will be over, and we will begin a season of praise that will stretch into eternity.
God’s Trumpet plays one clear note. God is blowing trumpets all around us so that sleepers will wake up, enemies will turn and run, brave men can rally in battle. Jesus blows the trumpet for us to get ready. One day nothing else will matter.Now is the time when we so desperately need to ask God to open our ears and soften our hearts so we will hear and answer the trumpet call of God. Are we ready? Only God knows each of our hearts.