God is Faithful

Originally posted on New Beginnings:
? We go because He calls! We go because we are blessed in giving! We go because the need is so great! But most of all we go because God is faithful and He has trusted us to carry that message to others! Even to your old age and gray…

God’s Most Dangerous Weapon

No bullet proof vest can stop its penetration No nuclear blast can melt its foundation No government or law can abort its operation It is a flood that tears away any wall of separation Like the lightning that strikes without hesitation A guided missile that speeds to the enemy’s position   So potent a composition that can not be diluted…

Lord’s Prayer

Originally posted on New Beginnings:
Love this clip because it shows people praying in all kinds of ordinary situations that we all face. This was banned from cinemas in the United Kingdom. I think that now even more people will watch it! Be blessed! https://youtu.be/vlUXh4mx4gI

Mr. Nice Guy & Jesus Christ

“Jesus didn’t just die for nice people to make them even nicer…”         Pastor Steve Brown A friend of mine once said, “I believe there are only two kinds of people in the world, good people and bad people” I replied. “But we don’t believe that at all. We believe we are all…