God Knows Best !!

This morning I cried because a friend is dying, and yet I prayed still trusting; my God knows best. The thief dying next to Jesus lived only a few hours then went to paradise: God knew best. The Apostle John lived to write half the New Testament, while his brother James was killed only a few months after Jesus’ resurrection: God knew best. Our life may only be a breath, but if we allow that breath to be breathed by God, we will never regret it. Wherever He leads us and whatever we find there, God knows best.  Jesus, who knows the depths and tears of our hearts  knows best and He knows the way home. Worship is that total rest we find in the wonderful discovery. God Knows best.!!

Who Will Go?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!

Fulfilling our calling is one of our primary acts of worship. When we see as God sees we cannot be silent when He calls. Though the mighty angels were present, only Isaiah could fulfill God’s call. They could cry Holy; Holy; Holy, but only Isaiah
could “Go and tell this people…” 

      How can I hear God’s voice? We only hear when we go into his temple and see with our hearts: His honor, His power and His glory.
Worship is being ready to go where God calls.

                                          Where is God calling you today?

How’s Your Vision?

         We need to see Jesus to worship.  It’s when we can’t see any longer that our worship becomes faint and cold and when our work for him revolves around our own little world. Real vision comes only from heaven. There are no books, CD’s or conferences that can give us vision. Jacob dreamed in the desert and woke up to worship. Isaiah saw the Lord suddenly and cried out in worship. John met Jesus in all his glory while praying on his Island prison and fell face down in worship. 
     Jesus can heal our spirit’s blindness. He has the eye salve that will heal and restore our vision. When we see him again our hearts wake to worship. When we start to see what Jesus sees our worship becomes a labor of love for Him. Ask him right now; He will restore the vision that leads to worship and working with love for him again.