Early in the Morning

And Abraham got up early in the morning to the place where he stood before the Lord: Genesis 19:27

Often when we think of early morning prayer times, a picture of a hot cup of coffee and a Bible in your hand comes to mind. But Abraham had a different idea. He went outside and found a place to stand and listen to God. I can identify with Abraham because I have loved waking up super-early since I was a kid. One of my earliest memories is hearing my mom say, “Go back to bed, it’s only six o’clock!” Maybe I was hungry or maybe I just felt that I might miss out on something exciting if I lay under the covers any longer. Either way mornings remain special to me and today that time includes going outdoors, weather permitting. While I am out walking around our neighborhood, the song that often comes to mind is “This Is My Father’s World.” According to the story, this was also the hymn writer’s inspiration when he would head outside, telling his wife, “I’m going out to see my Father’s world.”

Some versions have attempted to “Improve” the song by removing all Father and male references. Such silly theology misses the point that we have not just a God but a Father in Heaven. He watches over us all through every night and is waiting every morning to greet us and speak to us about our day. There is nothing more important that we could do than to stand before him and listen. One day we will all stand before the Lord, why not freely chose to do so today? No one could ever love us like a Father who sent His only Son for us that we could spend every morning with Him in Heaven and worship at His feet!

Since it is Father’s day week I thought I would share my Father’s day video this morning which includes This Is My Father’s World. Have a blessed day everyone!

Father’s Day at Nursing Home

“Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), Ephesians 6:2

We didn’t see as much turnout for Fathers that we did for Mother’s day but it was still a wonderful time. For some folks, honoring dad on Father’s day is sharing a good steak he cooks on the grill. For others spending time with dad could mean a trip to a restaurant or an afternoon out on the boat. But Father’s Day at Sunshine Christian Home means we drive by with signs, balloons and smiles and try to give them Father’s Day love from a distance. This year we can all honor fathers; whether our own or the fathers who have no one left to remember them. God sees; God remembers and God promises a blessing. Are you ready to be blessed?

Thanks Dad!

At a press conference when he was still the mayor of New York , Rudy Giuliani was asked how hard it was being both the mayor and a father. His reply began ” Being mayor is easy…”

I am so thankful to God for my Dad and I am still amazed at how easy he made being a father seem!

There is a verse in the Bible that says to teach our children God’s word while we are doing just the ordinary things of life. That is how my Dad lived. Whether he was washing the shop floor, taking us out to eat or sitting next to us in church he was patient, thoughtful and kind. He never yelled at me, called me names or made me feel small even when I deserved it. I learned more about God and how to be a father by watching Dad drive through New York at rush hour than I got from 1,000 sermons. Thanks Dad for all the wonderful memories. I’ll see you just a little later. Happy Father’s Day!