Top Ten reasons why I like Jesus better than Santa!


Top Ten Reasons why I like Jesus better than Santa !

10)  I can talk to Jesus every day but I can only write letters to Santa at Christmas…

9)  Santa has His throne at the Mall, but Jesus came to the stable in Bethlehem!

8) Santa’s keeps his helpers busy at the North Pole, but Jesus sends an angel to watch over me!

7) When I’ve been naughty Jesus came to forgive my sins, but, Santa just leaves me a lump of coal!

6) Santa is always checking His list, but Jesus already knows who is on it!

5) Santa needs to come down the chimney, but Jesus can walk through walls!

4) Santa needs His reindeer to get around, but Jesus walks on the wings of the wind!

3) Santa is hiding at the North Pole, but God sent His star to lead wise men to Jesus!

2) Santa shows up once a year, but Jesus promised He would never leave!!

1) Santa gives us exactly what we ask for, but Jesus gave His life – which is more than we could imagine!