Breaking Addiction

Addiction is hidden till it breaks out and destroys friendships families and lives of those we love. Many of us have experienced the pain of seeing loved ones struggle with addiction and I am grateful Adam Cook for this guest post today.  He is the founder of Addiction Hub, which locates and catalogs addiction resources. He is very much interested in helping people find the necessary resources to save their lives from addiction.

The First Two Steps to

Breaking Out of Addiction

Substance abuse destroys lives every day. From deterioration of health and relationships to overdose, suicide and auto accidents, it can result in devastation for the abuser and the people around them. If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, the time to turn your life around is now. Here are two things you must do to begin your recovery:

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Reach out

Tell a few close family members and friends about your battle and be open to their support. Then, seek help from a professional who can direct you further (i.e. to support groups, treatment programs/centers, holistic therapy, etc.).

If you suspect your child may have a problem, look for signs of abuse, such as chronic medical problems and fatigue, mood swings and isolation. Consider whether you or your child has been prescribed an opioid for a recent injury, surgery or chronic condition. Many adolescent addictions begin with a legitimate prescription or from a parent’s medicine cabinet. As difficult as it is, you must address the issue to resolve it.

Make changes

You also need to adopt healthy new habits. Take your nutrition, fitness and self-care seriously. Once you experience the benefits, you’ll learn to value these habits. Also, avoid any places and people who could tempt you to relapse. Seek to repair important relationships that have been damaged, and find places that inspire you to live well and that open the door for healthy friendships.

Just as addiction is destroying lives every day, people are overcoming it every day. Brighter days are ahead, but the only way forward is to reach out and make changes.


Photo Credit: Unsplash