What Am I Worth Today?

But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:30-31 ESV

I remember the day when we brought our first child home. We just held him in our arms, amazed by everything about him. From his tiny toes to the softness of his skin every detail to us was beautiful. We were discovering the delight of experiencing that life is God’s first gift. It is not something to throw away, treat cheaply or forget. Even if no one else was impressed with our baby we were entirely convinced that he was a treasure.

So if we as imperfect parents loved our son so much, imagine how much God values every one of us. He isn’t impressed by how much money we have in the bank; our family’s status or the color of our skin. He isn’t worried if we are beautiful, smart or strong or even if we can do all sorts amazing things. In fact the good news is that no matter what anyone else in the universe thinks God values us because we are His creation. He has specially designed us and has chosen to give us life. He is busy counting even the hairs on our head because He loves us. He sent Jesus whose own hair was covered with a crown of thorns to show how much we are worth to Him. Remember the words of Jesus “Don’t be afraid. You are of far more value than you know.” Jesus valued us more than His own life so that we could trust Him with ours and be with Him forever!

A Garden Song

To Christ my Savior King

 In Spring My Christ went out to plant

His seed within my heart

Then bud to leaf and bloom to fruit

Each played their Summer’s part

Till Autumn’s frost one morning spoke

Of Winter’s gathering wings

And I in joy the harvest gave

To Christ my Savior King

To Christ My Savior King by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved

Places Where I’ve Been

I have not been to Israel

Or seen its Holy sites

Nor to the Sea of Galilee

Where Christ taught wrong from right

But His voice that calmed the storm

Has spoken in my mind

And those hands that healed the sick

Have gently taken mine

Then He called me to Himself

And He Said this is the Way

Sins forgiven

Hope renewed

He walks with me today!

The Places Where I’ve Been by Peter Caligiuri © 2020 All rights reserved