Candle – A New Children’s Story

Candle was a firefly who wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to shine. Follow this new series in the Adventures of Tad to find out how Candle learns to shine. Great story for 2nd- 6th grade. Available today in e-book format on Amazon The Shy Firefly Named Candle Follow the link or find the bookContinue reading “Candle – A New Children’s Story”

Which Way to Go?

“Row harder! More to the left! Don’t stand up! Just be careful!” Who hasn’t heard all these instructions as you began your first solo voyage in a kayak? You might have been feeling a little nervous, but then just as you launched out, barely ten feet from the shore it seems you were sinking underContinue reading “Which Way to Go?”

How Great Thou Art with Youth group

Originally posted on New Beginnings:
We recently visited Allied Skilled nursing for a Pre-Thanksgiving program with part of our youth group. The seniors always love the teens! Afterwards they gave out their own home made cookies filled with the special ingredient of love. Have you considered asking the youth at your church to prepare something…