Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet: An instrument of discipline inflicted on children in order to instill a love for any other musical instrument except the one whose reed repeatedly cuts their lower lips!

Okay well my childhood clarinet lessons were not really torture but were generally awful experiences. Yet in spite of those sliced open lower lip memories, they did teach me one important thing: you must follow the sheet music if you want to please the teacher. Reading an Amish prayer this morning, brought me back to my lessons.

As you are my light
So shine in me
As you are my life
So live in me
As you are my faith
So adorn me
As you are my joy
So be pleased with me
As I am your dwelling
So live in me
As I am your instrument
So live in me.

From "Amish Prayers" 
Compiled by Beverly Lewis

Christ Himself is our sheet music and His every step was a note written by the hand of God. If we will lovingly yield our lives to Him, His Spirit will use us as instruments to play a part of Heaven’s symphony through our very ordinary everyday lives!

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2 ESV

My Story & Faith with YoungMin You

Some of you may never have watched YoungMin You play his piano but his life’s story and powerful Christian testimony will still impact you heart. I rarely post long videos but this so touched and encouraged me that I’m posting it today for you. May God bless us all as with His help we do what He has called us to do. No lockdown, quarantine or social chaos can separate us from His love!

Bridging the Great Divide

The greatest example of all loving service is the cross. But there is no other symbol on earth that attracts more anger and division. On the cross God once more divided the light from the darkness. One thief cursed him and one believed. One disciple betrayed him and one came to the cross. One soldier gambled for his robe and another believed He was the Son of God. Yet on the cross of Calvary where its very beams divided the universe in two Jesus built a bridge over the great divide between God and man. There His sacrifice joined together forever anyone who say goodbye to their old world of hatred and sin and meet Him by faith at the cross.