Getting Back in the Boat With Jesus

And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. Matthew 14:32 NKJV

This seemingly insignificant verse from Matthew’s gospel held a promise for me that I had overlooked till I desperately needed it. My mother was just 62 when she died of breast cancer and her passing left me feeling like I had been run over by a truck. The years struggling to rebuild our relationship, the prayers and the conversations were suddenly over. I felt as if I were locked in a room with barely enough air to breathe. I sleep walked through months of guilt and regret for what had never been. I had often thought about God challenging me as He had challenged Peter to get out of the boat. At other times I had been comforted knowing that just as Jesus had reached out his hand to save Peter He would take my hand in the middle of a crisis. But it was just as important for me to learn that Jesus wanted to help me back into the boat and restore calm when this storm had passed. I do not know how it happened but gradually light began shining in the dark places of my heart. I woke up to find that though I might never understand the why behind the pain, just knowing that God knew had become enough. Do you struggle to see God as more than just challenging or rescuing you? It is a wonderful surprise that waits when you realize that He is also delighted to help you back in the boat and calm the wind to a hush.


Never too late to Leave a Legacy

“If we knew how great the grandkids would be we’d have had them first!” some people say. For a parent exhausted and discouraged by years of struggling with just getting it right for a day, even one hour of grandparenting can feel lile the balm of Gilead! What can be more refreshing than pushing your granddaughter on a swing or holding your grandson’s hand as you crunch through Autumn leaves? But unlike the sense of never ending and overwhelming responsibility that being a parent brings; grandparenting comes wrapped in the sweet sadness of knowing it may not be for long.

I have lived enough to know that one day this time will pass and I will no longer be here with them. No amount of hugs or kisses can change the calendar or slow the pendulum of life’s clock. But what I can do today is to be sure of what legacy I leave behind. Will I leave them a list of my fears and frustrations or will I pass on to them my faith? Will they weep and say, “Grand-dad went to be with the Lord” or will they have His peace knowing that my life has been wholly His? What a great hope lies before us! We can still leave behind a great legacy…not that we lived trouble free but that through every mighty storm He has been our mighty Savior!

Lost to us but Present with God!

We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord 2 Corinthians 5:8

This week we said good-bye both physically and spiritually to my God Mother. My Aunt Helen was a blessing, a fixture, a must phone call at Christmas and a favorite of our family reunions. As the tears fell today, not from sorrow that she is gone as much as a sad recognition that this was never meant to be. God did not program death into His wonderful plan for us. We were the ones who have chosen our own way and yet he has worked an eternal greater good through the cross of Calvary. Through the dark suffering night of Jesus Christ on the horrible cross He gave to us a gift far greater than we will ever know while still here on this earth.

He suffered humiliation, rejection, abandonment and betrayal alone so Helen’s hope and our’s could be honor and acceptance, belonging and faithful love. What a loss I sense at losing my precious God Mom today but she is now found by God and experiencing the fruit of that eternal forgiveness freely offered to us by a the kindness and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord!