Amazing Grace

I was blind but now I see is the deepest theology we will ever need when we face challenges, difficulties or failures. Thank God for His amazing grace!

God Remembers God Forgets

It is so easy to forget even those closest to us but to instantly remember their sins. What a blessing that because of Jesus God thinks otherwise! In this week’s video devotional I share how God always remembers His children but has forgotten our sins.

Farther Along

“In God we trust” stated a sign printed over the lunch counter where I often stopped for coffee. Just under that phrase in smaller print it said, “All others pay cash!” As a young man I decided to trust God for my salvation and I felt confident that I now understood how God wanted me…

New Name

Once a month on Sunday afternoons some of the churches used to get together for the Sunday Hymn Sing. The men sat on one side and the women on the other not because of any kind of segregation but so we could sing our parts. Afterwards there were pies, coffee and casseroles laid out for…