A Family Restored

Woe is Me and It’s all Mine 
Skipped to the park one day
While Jimmy-Gimme tagged along
To demand his right to play

And they all laughed how Sister Faith
Agreed to stay at home
To mop the floor and wash the plates
So, they left her there alone

First Jimmy climbed up on the swing 
“Gimme a push!” he cried.
But Me and Mine ignored Him and
Went whooshing down the slide  

Till strutted up I Know-it-All
With Big Bro Mockery
Along with Violence sliding in
Each smiling wickedly  

The sisters shook in dread but then
Sweet Faith rushed to the scene 
And without fear went toe to toe
And stood there in between

She looked into his eyes until 
Mockery slunk away
Soon followed by I Know-it-All
Yet Violence chose to stay
Then from a sheath he drew His blade
But Faith spoke quietly 
Your weapon will not work today
Our Father protects me

So Violence just shrugged and said
"I’ll be back." and off he paced
Then Little Jimmy ran and threw 
His arms ‘round sister’s waist

While Me and Mine each took Faith’s arms
With smiles that come from Heaven
To see their family all restored
With Faith all sins forgiven!

A Family Restored by Peter Caligiuri copyright 2022
All rights reserved
Photo by Archie Binamira on Pexels.com

Are We There Yet Dad?

Be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” Hebrews 13:5b-6 ESV

When our two boys were about four and six years old, my wife and I decided to travel cross country to stay with some friends, while enjoying a bit of camping along the way. “Okay guys we are going to Missouri.” I explained to the boys. “We will be traveling for three days and will be sleeping in our tents for two nights along the way. Don’t worry about when we get there, just enjoy the ride, play games and don’t fight! “I told them enthusiastically.

The next morning with our little car packed to the max, we headed down the highway. I felt confident we were well prepared for our first big family road trip until about twenty minutes down the highway when our older son tapped me on the shoulder and asked.  Hey Dad. Are we there yet?” I can’t remember if I laughed or cried, but either way I saw that, despite my best efforts, I had not communicated very well with our boys about the road ahead. I am sure many of you have experienced this same scenario and have discovered that whether we laugh, pull our hair out or try repeating our explanations, our kids aren’t satisfied with details. What they really want is a regular assurance that everything is okay – every mile along the way. It is the same with us as we travel the Christian life with God. But the wonderful difference between God and me is that He didn’t just give us an explanation of the road map; He promised to stay with us and guide us every mile along the way!

Meeting Martha

Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus. John 11:5 KJV

Once when we were vacationing in Amish country, we decided to take a detour on a back road just for fun. Seeing a farm stand being tended by a little red-haired girl, I parked the car and we got out and began to browse through bins of fresh vegetables, homemade jams, pies and cookies. “Good morning!” I said smiling, while my wife was picking out a bag of cookies. As I went to pay for them, I asked, “And what’s your name?”

“Oh, my name is Martha.” The little girl answered quietly

Strassburg Area

“Well, I ‘ve got good news for you Martha.” I continued. The Bible says that Jesus loved Martha and her sister Mary and her brother, so you can know for sure that he loves you!”

In the children’s song it says, “Jesus loves me this I know; for the Bible tells me so.” Have you ever wondered where the Bible says that?” The answer is that His love is mentioned everywhere! It says, He knit us together before we were born, and He promises to carry us till old age. He is near us when we are broken hearted and gives us strength when we are weak. He gives streams in the desert when we are thirsty and provides daily bread when we are hungry. On every Bible page we can find His love. The song then goes on saying, “Little ones to Him belong.” So, if today you feel as small as the little Martha we met at the farm stand, then you are exactly who Jesus came to love and He is passing by you today!