White as Snow

Why is snow so white? Maybe because it has fallen from the sky and has never been mixed with the colors of earth. It is not like the memory of our sin which tinges everything it touches. That reminder clings to our attitudes and mixes with our words. No matter how we try we cannot…

Honoring our Parents

What is honor and what does it mean to honor our parents? One way I have come to understand it is that honor is a combination in equal parts of love and respect. Honoring our parents means we can not love without respect and we should never respect without loving. Every week as I visit…

Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King

I was highly moved by Dr King’s message here. I suppose each of us need to find an avenue for God’s mercy both to us and through us in our own unique way.  

Loving Mercy

Mercy is easier to understand than it is to practice. Mercy is easier to receive than it is to give. But God challenges us to become a whole person who is capable of both experiencing His mercy and then carrying it to the world around us.

God’s Service Department

If you have worked in the service department of any store you know that returns can be a challenge. People lose their receipts or bring in things that are just worn out with age. Worse yet some try returning items that came from another store. All of this takes time and patience and tempers sometimes…