Good Morning

Have you ever noticed the three different greetings we use at different times of the day. Good night more or less means “goodbye” and sometimes carries with it a thankful looking back at our shared time. Good afternoon usually is “Hi how are you?” We use this greeting rarely maybe because we are too busy…

The Love of God

To a world filled with violence, political corruption and despair God sent His only Son. What better thing can we do as Christians in the face of yet another senseless act?

Blessings Not Seen

If it feels like sunset in your life, don’t be afraid. God is calling you to cross over into blessings you have not yet seen!

Lunch is Included!

One winter my boss invited me to go to a training workshop while his landscaping shop was closed. I was excited for the opportunity but a little nervous. The morning passed quickly as we sat through various sessions on irrigation then we let out for lunch. “Want to come along with us to the restaurant?”…