Never Too Late!

On the verge of celebrating 66 Christmas times I look back with some nostalgia mixed with unspoken regrets. It is too late for some of the career choices I had hoped to make. It is too late for some of the ministry I had once thought I would do. It is too late for more children. It is too late for another talk with Dad, a different way I could have treated my family or even better stewardship of the money that has passed through my hands. But Martha’s encounter with Jesus at the edge of Bethany gives me hope that:

It is never too late for Him to come. It is never too late to listen to His word. His heart has been with me and you every moment of every hour and He has come to share this day with us. Even now; tombs will be opened, grave clothes removed and life renewed at the sound of His voice! No matter the moment, no matter thehour it is never too late for Jesus!



An Open Door

At our local Home Depot service desk I over heard a lady remarking, ” The reason that I have to return this doorbell is that our house is just too big!” Aren’t you glad that as big as God’s house is, His ears are still sensitive enough to hear us when we call? Don’t be afraid to keep on seeking, asking and knocking. It is Jesus Himself who has invited us  and He is inside waiting for us to come!1507543886312_image.jpg

On the Mountain with Him

Mountain climbing is a process not just an experience. Bear mountain in Connecticut may not measure up in size against the Rockies but the view from the firetower at the summit is spectacular. I can still almost taste the wild blueberries and the pinkish white of the laurels is still unfaded in my mind. But on the day when Peter, James and John followed Jesus up the mount of transfiguration their view of life was changed for eternity. They saw now that their friend and teacher with whom they had walked for years was the only holy beloved Son of God!

Some views can not be explained they must be seen on the mountain alone with Him. Has He called you ito the process of climbing a difficult mountain trail? Your view at the summit will be worth it!

Whatsoever You Ask

One of my favorite books on prayer is a tiny volume named “The Kneeling Christian” It is written by an unknown Christian however I strongly suspect that Andrew Murray was the author simply judging by its content and style. What a blessing and motivation to prayer this little book has been in my life. Today is 2017 we no less need prayer than when this book was first published more than a century ago. Our churches have full pews but often empty altars. We laugh and sing but who weeps with our Savior and tarries in prayer for the urgent needs all around us? The good news is that there is still a time for prayer. There is still an open door to God’s throne of grace. Jesus is listening and waiting if only we will begin to earnestly pray. This week our Iris burst into full bloom. All year I wait for that day when its petals open and give out their fragrance. In the same way God sees our life as a garden and waits for our prayers to unfold as the full expression of our faith and trust in Him!

 God "wondered that there was no intercessor" (Isa. lix. 16)--"none to
   interpose" (R.V., marg.). But this was in the days of long ago, before
   the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ "full of grace and truth"--before
   the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, full of grace and power, "helping
   our infirmity," "Himself making intercession for us" and in us (Rom.
   viii. 26). Yes, and before the truly amazing promises of our Savior
   regarding prayer; before men knew very much about prayer; in the days
   when sacrifices for their sins loomed larger in their eyes than
   supplication for other sinners.

   Oh, how great must be God's wonder today! For how few there are among
   us who know what prevailing prayer really is!"

 excerpt from chapter one "The Kneeling Christian author unknown


The God Who Hears

I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears Psalm 34:4

In my imagination I sometimes wonder just how soundly asleep Jesus really was during the storm at sea. I have thought that perhaps he was more aware of the circumstances than the disciples knew. Perhaps as He climbed into the boat that day He said something along the lines of,

“Okay while you guys start rowing us across Galilee, I am going to take a nap. Then as He borrowed a pillow and went to sleep He was saying to himself, “I know what is coming next, I wonder how long it will be before they wake me up?”

Then as the wind picked up and the sky darkened with storm clouds the disciples kept rowing as hard as they could. They didn’t want Jesus to have to worry about anything; after all they were all experienced fishermen. Then as the first wave or two sloshed over the side of the boat some may have begun to worry. Finally as wave after giant wave tossed the little boat up and down and it began to take on water panic took hold of their hearts.

“Master, carest thou not that we perish?” Mark 4:38b


Just like us, they had come to the place where they wondered if God even cared about their fears. But Jesus is in our boat, to be our Immanuel through any storm. He listened to the disciples. He listened to King David. He is listening to you.

If today you are facing your biggest fear God is with you in your boat. He is waiting for us to cry out like David, like the disciples and like countless generations of believers. He is with us and He hears!