Rebuilding a Marriage

It often comes as a surprise to us that the enemy’s battle in our lives is not about our worship our prayer time or Bible reading; it is in our marriage (Or for singles their immediate family). The battle we fight is not only on the front lines, it is often behind the scenes. There wasContinue reading “Rebuilding a Marriage”

Invisible Things

In the storms of life when the shore is nowhere to be found we find ourselves stripped down to just three eternal things: faith,hope and love. God gives us these treasures: not as a prize to be received in heaven but as a light to guide us through. And now abide faith, hope, love, theseContinue reading “Invisible Things”

Tribute to My Father

As March first is dad’s birthday I was touched to have the tribute which I wrote for him published in Keys to Living this past month. It has been almost nine years since dad stepped across the threshold into heaven but I am posting this as an encouragement to anyone passing through a time ofContinue reading “Tribute to My Father”